Jennifer Ann Hicks

Broker In Charge
Easley SC Real Estate Broker Jennifer Hicks
1818 E. Main Street
Easley, SC 29640
Phone: 864.220.5100

Providing Real Estate Services in Easley/Powdersville, SC and Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Our Easley Family! I am Jennifer A. Hicks and known for being a go-getter – a ball of tireless energy who is constantly advocating for my agents and clients as Broker-In-Charge of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS Easley office. As a mother of four children in a blended family, I also understand the importance of balancing personal and career goals. That’s why you feel like family in my office.

With a strong background in Real Estate, IT and Accounting, I am an excellent resource for the latest technology tools and market trends. My agents benefit from my 16 year career as an Agent, Team Leader and Broker. Being a non-compete Broker In Charge allows me the opportunity to grow my agents’ talents and achieve success through their accomplishments. The ultimate goal is to have a positively influenced culture within the Easley office where we help each other aspire to be the cream of our industry while living the lifestyle we desire through helping others.

I dedicate much of my free time to my grandmother in assisted living. You might also find me combing antique shops and art festivals with my family; bragging about my son who is away with The National Guard and my daughter who has been accepted into pre-med at UNCC. I also am a dog-lover who enjoys playing with my fur babies, Lily and Bear.

Jennifer is a great Broker in Charge. She is knowledgeable, knows the Real Estate Business and is always willing to help. She has a open door policy and will get back with you asap should you have any questions or problems. She is friendly, outgoing and involved in the community which is important to bringing new business into the office. She wants her agents to be successful and she will guide you as to how to get there. She encourages you to take classes that will help you to be a better agent.

-Pat Grissinger


Jennifer A. Hicks is my broker in the Easley/Powdersville office. As with any new broker, I was a little nervous about how the transition would be when Jennifer came with us this summer.

Very early on, I had a difficult transaction with a contract that was falling apart. Both parties were threatening lawsuits. Both parties were strong willed and difficult. Jennifer was with me every step of the way. I am an experienced agent, but two heads are always better than one and she let me vent and helped me problem solve. She was always there to conference call and back me up whenever we had my clients on the phone. She talked multiple times to the other agent's broker to help smooth things over. In the end, we ended up signing a release and both parties dropped the ideas of a lawsuit. It was a scary and nervous time. Together, we worked to make it not go to court and through persistence - we were successful. Jennifer was right there with me through the entire ordeal and won me over! She is truly an advocate for us agents and will go to bat for us. She knew the forms and the rules backwards and forwards and was very confident and unwavering in her decisions along the way. This is invaluable to both new and experienced agents - to know that your broker is on your side and will fight alongside you during the difficult times. It certainly meant the world to me! I am glad she is my broker and is ready to fight for what is right for us agents!

-Twila Kingsmore


I consider myself extremely lucky that my first broker was Jennifer Hicks. When I finished real estate school, I thought that selling real estate would be easy, but I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know.

Jennifer mentored me and gave me advice when I needed it. She is very approachable and so easy to talk to. Every question I asked her, and they were numerous, was answered immediately whether it was on the weekend or late in the evening. She was always there for me. Jennifer is very motivating and is someone I trust.

When Jennifer moved from Simpsonville to Woodruff Road, I followed her there, even though she was 30-40 minutes from my home. Now that she is a broker in her hometown of Easley, I’ve had to cut her loose.

I’ve had a broker that was unapproachable that I did not trust and it didn’t take long before I decided to leave that company. Having a broker that cares about you and has the time and experience to teach you is invaluable. I highly recommend Jennifer Hicks as both your first and last broker!
-KaiLing Rachek


I have had the priviledge of working with Jennifier Hicks as my BIC for over a year. During that time, I was always impressed by the depth of her knowledge and understanding in the Real Estate profession.

Whether it's contract law or client relationships, Jennifer is amazing at understanding the complications that come with both. She always has great advice on how to overcome these challenges and still remain within the Real Estate guidelines while putting the clients needs a top priority.

She has always made herself available on the phone or in person whenever I or anyone in the office needs her. This is a direct result of her
dedication to her agents and their needs.

Jennifer has always made me feel that when I consult her with a Real Estate issue, I'm always getting the best, most professional advice anywhere. Our office, with Jennifer as the BIC, was always a comfortable place to be where we were free to grow our business, converse with our fellow agents and rely on her guidance. She made it fun with activities, contests, incentives and creativity.

In my professional opinion, Jennifer Hicks is the BEST BIC EVER!!!

- Bruce Major, Major Home Team


Having Jennifer as Broker-In-Charge was a great experience. She knows the industry and our contracts extremely well. She is a leader that is there for you when you need her and wants you to succeed in business and your personal life. I highly recommend Jennifer as BIC to anyone thinking of joining her team.

- Michelle Roberts


I appreciate Jennifer’s professionalism and true compassion; such a rare quality to find. Helping with learning curves and with any questions that I asked with knowledge and full respect for the laws. You are one of the most qualified brokers in the business. I have no doubt that you will be a #1 Broker for a very long time at any office that you will run.

- Sharon DiNunzio


I had the honor to have Jennifer Hicks as a BIC! Her wide range of knowledge of anything regarding real estate is astounding! She was so approachable and made herself as available as anyhow possible to everybody in the office. She has outstanding leadership skills and kept the office with all the agents together in a comfortable environment. She is greatly missed and I wish her nothing but the best for her future.

- Ivonne Wilson


Having Jennifer as my broker for two years was a blessing. Jennifer has great knowledge of the real estate industry. She was a hands on broker to all her agents!

Jennifer made herself available to her agents at all hours. I could call Jennifer with any issue or concern and she always was available. She is very committed to her agents growth. The real estate industry is always changing, Jennifer was always on top of the changes and making sure all her agents knew of the changes and understood them. When faced with a complexed issue or general question, Jennifer always knew how best to handle things on a professional level. She helped me personal grow in my knowledge and I can still call her today with questions if I need to.

Another very important thing that I loved about Jennifer, is her ability to make our office feel like a family. Jennifer was always putting together community events and charities for our office to get involved with. She also planned outside office events for out agent to get together on a personal level. With her depth of the real estate industry and her caring for her agent and community, made Jennifer a stand out Broker!

- Becky Friddle


Jennifer Hicks is one of the best Real Estate professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is incredibly intelligent and up on the times. If you have a problem, chances are she has a solution. She is very knowledgeable about every aspect of Real Estate and has the experience to back up what happens in the real world compared to what you learn in a class or in a knowledge bank. Jennifer is incredibly professional but does not sugar coat the truth, which is an absolute relief when you're looking for an honest and truthful answer. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to call her my broker.

- Jordan Surrett


What you see is what you get! Jennifer is an immediately engaging person with a servant heart. As my broker, she has been ready to counsel, assist and encourage me in the performance of my business and I am most grateful. She is a person with great talents that she is ready and willing to share with others. I highly recommend Jennifer Hicks to anyone who is in need of her talents or services.

- Carl Jones


In the few weeks time since Jennifer joined as our Broker in charge I have seen and experienced a hands on Broker. She has come to us with a strong background in real estate and it shows through her knowledge of the business. I am looking forward to a great 2016 with Jennifer in our office.

- Judy Tancibok


I am extremely honored to have Jennifer join as our broker in the office. Jennifer jumped right in and was able to assist me with a closing with her knowledge in new construction. I was extremely grateful for her help. Our office will be In great hands with Jennifer as our leader. Not only her knowledge, yet professionalism will help grow our office. I also love that she is very approachable and will listen to our concerns. She has already made changes in our office and has much more planned as well. When you walk in the front door, it feels like home! Thank you Jennifer.

- Mike D’Antonio


Jennifer truly believes in each and every person in our office. She is supportive and will give you honest advice so that you can be the BEST YOU that you can be. She also will do anything she can to assist you. Our whole office is truly grateful to her for all she does!

- Rosalyn Western

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